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All posts for June 2011

  1. Scrumdamentalists and Crusaders

    Categories : Agile

    After having promoted agile and iterative approaches to software development projects for over a decade, I finally find that, like Bob Dylan says, the times they are a-changing. And for the better. Many small and large organizations and enterprises...

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  2. MDM: Mastering China


    One of the big advantages at working within a global community is the ability to leverage experience from one client and region into another.  One group within our MDM community that offers us an entire new set of experiences is our Chinese MDM...

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  3. Three components for knowledge management

    Categories : Social

    If you want to manage knowledge, or maybe better phrased, record the current state of knowledge within you organization it is nowadays a rather difficult task. We used to think that by just having a knowledge manager or a group of knowledge managers...

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