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Typography: 4 questions, 4 answers

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This is probably the shortest blog post you will ever going to read from me, but short doesn't automatically say that it's not worth your time. Here's what I believe: most read­ers are look­ing for rea­sons to stop read­ing. If read­ers have other demands on their time, why should they pay any more atten­tion than they absolutely must? Read­ers are always look­ing for the exit. Typography is the key. It can make them read some more. Below are 59 words about typography. Every word is true. 4 questions, 4 answers. Simple as that.

What is typography? Typog­ra­phy is the visual com­po­nent of the writ­ten word.

Who is typography for? Typog­ra­phy is for the ben­e­fit of the reader, not the writer.

Why does typography matter? Typog­ra­phy mat­ters because it helps con­serve the most valu­able resource you have as a writer: reader attention.

What is good typography? Good typog­ra­phy rein­forces the goals of the text.

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