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All posts for March 2011

  1. It's all IP in the Cloud

    Categories : Web

    All the hype surrounding Cloud computing, coupled with the mandatory cautionary tales around security and control, or the lack thereof, makes it is easy to overlook a small but significant component of the cloud proposition i.e.: Who owns what...

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  2. The 'no-training' myth in Social Media

    Categories : Social

    'Why should we need training for our new collaboration platform, nobody had training for Facebook and everybody is using it'. It might be a recognizable phrase if you introduce social media solutions in organisations. However the peculair thing is...

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  3. Mind the user experience gap

    According to Race Online 2012 there are “9 million adults in the UK who have never used the Internet“ that’s a fifth of the adult population. Back in the good old pre-Dot-com-crash days we, as web designers, used to make fun of how little...

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  4. Improving social media monitoring…

    Categories : Social

    As Social Media Monitoring travels through the technology hype cycle it’s clear that many early adopters are experiencing disappointing results. Having heard the stories of start-up businesses like Threadless or GiffGaff harnessing social insight...

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  5. The “Bob Ross-effect”

    Probably when growing up your mom or dad or any other elder told you to think before you act. Nothing wrong with this advice, it’s so true. When making a presentation you should have a story before you even open up your slide design tool, in most...

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  6. Chain Testing the next level

    Categories :

    This is a guest post by Hans Lumadjeng. Hans is an expert on chain testing in the Netherlands where the emphasis of his approach lies in the mitigating of business risks.In past decades our clients were confronted with the ‘spin-off’ of System...

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