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All posts for February 2011

  1. The Power of Lean Thinking

    Categories : Agile

    When Capgemini launched a program for Lean Delivery of services and projects, the conscious choice was made not to mix it with other governance or management models. Just a clean implementation of Lean, respecting and applying its distinct...

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  2. Can a website be too user friendly?

    A recent discussion on Linkedin led me to post: “Perhaps it is possible to make things too uniform or too easy for users?” This may seem like an odd thing for an experienced UX designer to say. But the idea stuck with me and it made me think...

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  3. The G-factor

    Last week, Google introduced two-factor authentication to the masses. In short, this means that you can have your Gmail account protected by something you know (a password) and something you posses (e.g. a phone). With the continuous threat of...

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  4. Know your audience

    Before getting on stage to give your presentation, or even before you make your slides, you need to get to know your audience as well as possible. You would be surprised about what there is to know about them by just asking yourself a couple of...

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