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All posts for January 2010

  1. Why is Capgemini embracing video?

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    Debate TV is Capgemini's new forum for sharing experience, pooling knowledge and learning together. It's an opportunity to collaborate around the issues that we all face today, and ultimately to improve the way we do business. The conversations on...

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  2. Enterprise Architecture: The Only Way Forward

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    Just returned from another assignment as an enterprise architect. In the UK this time. Nice job, great people, well-received deliverables. But again, it was not easy for me and the team to finish 100% of our original statement of work. And to play a...

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  3. Introducing our agile dashboard

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    The Accelerated Delivery Platform’s (ADP) Agile Dashboard is a pragmatic and publicly available tool (free) for managing project progress online. The Agile Dashboard was originally intended to manage progress for our agile projects, but these day...

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