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All posts for November 2009

  1. EMC Momentum 2009. Primed for the future

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    This entry was written by Lee Smith. Lee works in the Information Management team within Technology Services in Capgemini UK, helping organizations to bring order to their unstructured content. Last week in Athens over a 1000 IT professionals...

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  2. Weekly digest of week 47 2009

    This week the release of Google’s Chrome OS, Chatter from, Mozilla about speeding up the web and contact lenses with built-in virtual graphics. Social Media ROI Examples & Video A big question out there these days is: What is the...

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  3. Use SCRUM to capitalize on naturally Agile teams

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    Every proposal is a unique piece of Agile work In companies like ours, Agile is not always easy to put in place. As we have strong contractual commitments with our clients, we need to define the clearest plan beforehand so that we can ensure that...

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  4. Empowering through true mentorship

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    This is a piece written by Praveen Veeramalla  he is a member of the Knowledge Management team for the Financial Services Global Business Unit at Capgemini. Praveen is joining this blog as one of our regular bloggers.People who are able to...

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