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All posts for October 2009

  1. The empty restaurant

    Categories : Social

    Did you ever walk down a street looking for a good place to eat and end up in an empty restaurant? No you probably didn’t, why? Nobody will go and eat in an empty restaurant, because people think there is something wrong and that there is a reason...

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  2. Dragons and Gurus Talk Innovation and Entrepreneurship

    Categories :

    What does a BBC Dragon, a Lateral Thinking Guru and our UK CTO & Innovations Czar have in common? Well, a British Computer Society event on Entrepreneurship and Innovation for one thing, and who better to talk about said topics than real...

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  3. Weekly digest of week 42 2009

    This week again claims on why email is dead (or not dead yet), Sir Berners-Lee says the // in the URLs was a mistake and the complete history of Lemmings. Email is Dead? Oh Really? The WSJ is making the call—email on its way out. Dying. Dead. It's...

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  4. It is personalisation, not localisation

    Some days ago Twitter started to roll out the option to add location information to a tweet. Although it might sound like a minor change, this change can be very disruptive, both in user experience as in monetization of Twitter.Twitter becomes a...

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  5. Weekly digest of week 40 2009

    This week IBM is going after Google Apps Premier, employers should be social media savvy, mixed feeling about Google Wave and women, teens and seniors fuel the mobile web spike. Online Recruitment – Employers must be social media savvy to attract...

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