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All posts for September 2009

  1. The Death of Windows – Coming soon to a screen near you!

    Categories : Web

    No. Not that “Windows”, (just couldn’t resist the sensationalist headline). Instead this refers to ongoing debate about the questionable relevance of release windows in the context of digital entertainment. Basically, does it still make sense...

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  2. The Cloud, where SOA meets WOA

    Categories :

    Through the noise of the latest IT hype – Cloud computing – I try to follow the somewhat quiet but lingering discussion around SOA (Service-Oriented Architecture) versus WOA (Web-Oriented Architecture). Just to get grip and understanding if the...

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  3. Social Business Evangelism

    We have seen a lot of activity in the 2.0 space in the recent past, specifically in the social media arena. In addition to this, we have also seen a bunch of views, expressions and thoughts put down by leading industry experts and a majority of them...

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