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All posts for January 2009

  1. Wanna get rich? Give away everything for free!

    Categories : Web

    Just had a very entertaining discussion on Twitter with my colleague Rick Mans about the definition of Cloud Computing: whether the pay-per-use model is an essential part of this cloud thingy yes or no. Rick ended with a nice reply: I know I'm...

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  2. Poor you, you'll never see it coming

    It has been quite a while since my last post, but I blame it on the “midlife crisis-menopause-postnatal stress” kind of life changing moment when you become 27 that caused a small writer’s block. That together with the fact that I traveled...

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  3. Trying to escape paper's enormous shadow

    Categories :

    "Let's implement a paperless process". I heard that sentence several times the last few years. However the tools or medium you are using in your process are really not important, therefore I really don't know why there is such a run on becoming...

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  4. Putting your social media on steroids?

    Categories : Social

    All around me I see new social sites being created. Companies, organizations and governments have all become convinced of the use and value of crowd wisdom. Much investment is put into the development of new social applications for customers,...

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