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All posts for July 2008

  1. Backpacking. Redefined.

    I’m just back from a weekend getaway in Bangkok, Thailand, just to escape from the hectic work life in Mumbai. The Mumbai chaos can sometimes be a bit overwhelming for Europeans, so I decided to visit the well-organized “City of Angels”,...

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  2. Rent-a-ranter

    My favorite podcast just finished their final, what they refer to as ordinary episode: LUG Radio . The podcast is hosted by four British blokes (Jono Bacon, Stuart Langridge, Chris Procter, and Adam Sweet) who admittedly swear and joke a lot but also...

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  3. Banking. Redefined.

    I have yet to see the first financial portal that can be called user-centric and user-friendly. When I look at the website to manage my bank or credit card account, it’s quite sad to see that most of them are like still stuck somewhere in the...

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  4. Acid3 and 4, why even bother?

    If you are in some way involved in web development you might know the Acid tests. These tests check if and how well a web browser completes a certain set of test cases. Based on this it can be concluded if a browser is compliance to certain web...

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  5. Nominated!

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    There is a time for everything. Now, it is time to boast: "Capping IT Off" has been shortlisted by for the best IT blog awards in the category "company blogs". I think I speak for all bloggers posting to this blog when I say that...

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  6. The Internet Service Bus

    I gave recently a presentation for Capgemini’s Indian Architects Community about delivering high-scalable SOA with Amazon Web Services where I was discussing the potential of Amazon’s Simple Queue Service (SQS) to become the Internet’s Service...

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