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  1. Integrating the Chatbot

    In this blog we look at the specific aspects of Chatbots and elaborate on its four integration parts. Read our previous blogs in this series: Why Chatbots, Maturity levels and Intelligence.  Chatbots are like any other application; they...

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  2. Transforming frontline policing with t-Police

    We’ll be demonstrating our game-changing t-Police field solution at Oracle Open World this month. It’s a cutting-edge law enforcement solution that enhances the frontline by providing polices officers with the right information, at the...

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  3. Mobile Apps for EBS

    Currently, there are not many mobile apps available in the market related to Oracle EBS. Oracle provides only a few mobile apps for Business Intelligence and Oracle Approvals. Further, Oracle does not have any plans to build and release such apps in...

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