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How to Do a SOA-Based Project Supported by Oracle Enterprise Repository?

Sjoerd Aalbers has presented a successful session on Oracle Open World 2010 ‘How to Do a SOA-Based Project Supported by Oracle Enterprise Repository’. Here link to the slide show The case is based upon a large Public Sector Client of an innovative solution to replace the current IT systems with a state-of-art Oracle based solution is explained. In this presentation you will learn how the Oracle Enterprise Repository is used to fill in the needs for full traceability of all deliverables and their interdependencies and to guard the completeness of the solution. You also will learn how Oracle Enterprise Repository joined forces with versions control systems already in place. By combining Oracle Enterprise Repository with other tools, Oracle Enterprise Repository is positioned as the central portal for all stakeholders: business, design and development teams. Sjoerd Aalbers, Oracle Solution Architect, Oracle SOA Governance CAB Member

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