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“Mr. Service Engineer, did I buy this car?”

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“Mr. Service Engineer , did I buy this car?  Can you help me identify my model please?”
I can very much relate to the scene played out in this cartoon. The owner’s manual of my car is a paperback, about an inch thick which I store in the glove box should I have to deal with any malfunction, bug, or surprise the beast may throw at me. However to its great credit, in the three years since it entered my world, my car has never given me any opportunity to open the hood other than to throw the odd resident cat out. And while I have had my share of flat tires, I shudder to imagine a situation where I may be stuck with an inoperative car and this accompanying “fix-it-all” book.
To begin with, this manual has a description of  every make and model of my vehicle that has been manufactured across the world, requiring me to sift through many pages to find the car I purchased. Furthermore, there is a bewildering array of different steering wheels, switches, bells, whistles and their respective models and I am still struggling to determine whether my car has an engine with an intelligent head or if it has computer-controlled lamps in the tail – it shouldn’t be this difficult.
Now some may say that I don’t need to worry about this and that I should simply keep the customer care number at hand. Good suggestion, however Murphy’s law suggests that unfortunate events such as a car breakdown on a cold, dark, rainy night will  always happen in an area having poor mobile connectivity. For this reason, among others, I need to be able to quickly refer to a repair manual to help me try to address the situation on my own. As a safety-conscious car owner and driver who likes to be prepared should something go awry with my car, I want to be empowerd with information that is current, accurate, and specific to my vehicle. 
I must confess that as a Content Management Services professional, I am aware of the challenges faced by automobile manufacturers when it comes to managing the maintenance and operational documentation content they provide with their vehicles. These manufacturers have to manage the cost of providing not only an owner/operator’s manual, but also a maintenance and service manual, training manuals and a catalog of parts for every type of vehicle they manufacture and sell. They also have to bear the costs of providing regular updates of the maintenance documents to the vehicle servicing agencies - all this while keeping today’s modern, social media active, highly demanding and tech –savvy customers happy.
There should certainly be a way that vehicle manufacturers can connect directly with their customers with effective content and provide them reliable technical assistance as well as the right messaging on their product. The good news is that  there is indeed such a way which not only delivers technical and advisory content but can also deliver messages on sensitive issues such as vehicle recalls or periodic mandatory vehicle maintenance that is often done at the customer’s expense.

Enabling a user-friendly car manual

Most of today’s automobiles are computer controlled, highly sophisticated, and come with dashboard touch screen displays which control the vehicle entertainment system. These are ideal platforms for displaying customized vehicle manuals with information specific to each car along with service and repair details. And while this is possible from a vehicle technology standpoint, many manufacturers aren’t equipped with the teams and tools to actually prepare the content and ensure it’s correct, customized, and distributed to the specific make, model and serial number of the vehicle. This is why more and more car manufacturers are turning to content management service providers like Capgemini that can provide a large global team of technical writers  who specialize in producing world class quality technical manuals. 
If the manufacturer of my vehicle had a way of providing me information specific to my car that I could access online, on my mobile phone, as well as on my dashboard, I would certainly feel better equipped to deal with a malfunction – even if on a stormy night in a remote area – wouldn’t you?

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Lakshman Aragam
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Very well articulated the importance of the requirement of content management, in terms of user perspective...
Thanks Laks. A very 'user-friendly' demonstration of the requirement of current, accurate, and specific content management.
Oh dear, the words are flowing as I read through and the very thoughts of what I wanted to think is getting unfolded. I will like that the my mobile can have the details then it will definitely save some of my worries.
Very nicely reflecting the importance of on-line information, especially the trouble shooting
Excellent article.
Super. You have very cleanly explained to all why CM is very important.
Well explained the specific and live content management requirements, excellent article.
Very Well described article on content managment which is need of the hour.
nice article!!
This article highlights the importance of accurate and complete technical manuals in almost evey sphere of our life today. Excellently penned!
Valid point and nicely elaborated..........But i used to guess this is their marketing strategy so Serivce Centres would always be in Flash and they can charge us for parts according to their convinience......... :-) Very good article and quite impressive. ..Let us hope this will be in business soon...
Good reflection of the importance of content management... a very nice articulate account of experience that may come your way.
Excellent article.
Meticulous analogy to understand the importance of manuals. Kudos sir.
Well written and clear, concise message.
Well written and clear, concise message.
A Great idea! This would definitely drive way many worries that user(s) encounter while they hit the Road. With the upgraded system, the solution is just in-front of you and you can finally drive at ease.I was wondering if this would take away the service engineer(s) job's.:)
Well articulated! Good one Laks. Enjoyed.
Well written and nice article on growing importance of content management!
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Dear All, thank you very much and grateful for your kind comments. Regards| Laks
Very well articulated... It would indeed be an ideal scenario when the manufacturers of automotive products, or any other complex technical product for that matter, are able to provide to their Customers and End-Users the Owner's Manuals, Operation and Maintenance Manuals, and/or Diagnostics and Trouble-Shooting Manuals etc, that are fully customized to the specific make and model of the product sold to their Customers. In case of automobiles the LCD / Touch Screen displays available in modern vehicles, as this article rightly brings out, are an ideal means indeed to make that information available to the users in an interactive and user friendly manner. The information, available in the soft form, can be easily updated periodically, can enhance safety by making latest up-to-date information available to the user, can store past maintenance history records of the vehicle, and will be environment friendly too as it eliminates the paper printing and distribution. For Content Management Services professionals and experts, it is an area where they can contribute a lot.

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