Year in Review: Key Technology Trends of 2017 that will shape the future

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Author: Lanny Cohen
Beyond the Buzz Today’s trending topics. All in one place.

Our December edition of Beyond the Buzz features a collection of articles that highlight the dynamic pace of innovation and the creative ways technology is being used—across all industries—and how this is both a challenge and opportunity for businesses.

Customer Centricity: 5 Rules of Success

Are your customers really happy? What if they’re not? What is the role of technology? How can you connect your brand goals and your customer moments of truth and align with the journeys your customers want to take?

Bots and AI will Drive a Second Wave of Fragmentation and Disruption

Chat applications are becoming a mainstream trend and our preferred way of interacting with colleagues, friends and family. Learn how bots differ from mobile applications in important, market-changing ways.

What can Artificial Intelligence do for your Business Processes?

How much ‘human’ work can machines really get done for us? Can we ever make computers that will ‘think like us’?

What’s Wrong with the Way Organizations use Analytics?

Companies are swimming in a sea of data—more than they could have imagined, and the potential is ripe for turning that data into insights. But are organizations using data and applying analytics in the right way? Many are not.

Blockchain: Opportunities and Challenges across Multiple Industries

It began with Bitcoin, but now it has spread. Blockchain has the potential to radically transform the way industries do business. Here are some examples of success and challenges as blockchain inserts itself into transactions and process.

Digital Skills and the Widening Talent Gap

Does your organization fully understand what “digital skills” means? Is your recruitment team equipped to meet your needs? The digital talent gap report offers some well thought-out ideas, around attract, develop, and retain.

With the Renaissance came New Craftsmanship

The Renaissance was a historic period that saw the development of new tools and skills. If you want to leverage the power of SAP Leonardo, you need to master the new skillsets, tools, and methods required for cognitive computing.

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Chief Technology Officer

Jerome Coignard

Vice President - Digital Transformation

Lee Beardmore

Global BPO - Chief Technology Officer

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Global Vice President - Big Data

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