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Digital Transformation: The Road Ahead

Too often, digital transformation is seen as an overhaul of functions that are external-facing customer engagement. However, this is just one part of the transformation. To achieve, full and complete digital transformation impacts every corner of the business.

If you are a Digital Beginner, find out how you can drive your customer engagement functions.
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What does it take to become a Digital Enterprise?

There’s lots of talk about being a digital enterprise but listen to what you need to become one. Meet some of today’s Digital Masters and see what you can learn from them.
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How the Insurance sector is catching up on cloud to embark on their digital transformation journey

Cloud has been talked to death but it cannot be denied that it is fundamental for digital transformation. Whilst other industries have taken on cloud like a baby duckling to water, it is good to see that cloud-enabled digital transformation has finally taken off in the Insurance space.

Due to the conservative nature of their business, insurance companies are admittedly lower on the digital maturity index than other industries when it comes to adopting the public cloud. But now, these Digital Beginners are turning to cloud technologies to transform all aspects of their business.

They recognize three key advantages of SaaS/PaaS as opposed to building the same applications using a traditional On-Premise Waterfall approach:

What are insurance companies doing with cloud today?

There is a large US based P&C Insurer who has had a stellar journey so far. Approximately three years back, they had a zero footprint in the public cloud space and decided it was time to digitally transform their Direct to Consumer Auto insurance business. Within three years, they have launched three applications to provide quotes via their web channel and call center and enable customer self-service for billing.

These new capabilities are helping them realize tangible business benefits like reduced talk time and faster on-boarding time for their agents, increased policy conversion, reduced fraud and ultimately Higher NPS from their customer experience standpoint.

If organizations can enable their mission critical applications like providing quotations for customers using a SaaS/PaaS cloud platform, it is a positive indicator that to become more digitally mature, the public cloud is playing a critical role in this. It is becoming an acceptable platform not just for building CRM Sales and Service applications but even building heavy duty mission critical applications like insurance quoting.

This is just one of the stories among other Insurance companies that are embarking on similar journeys using cloud enabled transformation. What’s yours?

Bhuvan Thakur, Vice President, Enterprise Cloud Services, Capgemini

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Three Digital Transformation Tricks from a Consumer Products & Retail Digital Master

“Why does it have to be so hard?” said my friend who runs Marketing for a portfolio of brands for a Global Consumer Products multinational. Whilst enjoying the warm autumn sun upon his return to San Francisco, we discussed the challenges that he had on pulling together a consolidated view of his brands’ share of voice across different geographies.

This is a common refrain I hear from many companies as they face the reality of their brands being diluted, whilst the consumers they try to reach become harder to reach. The same customers who pull out their smartphones to shop and compare; rely on their friends and family for advice; all the while increasing the channels they use to engage with brands. We already know that the power has decidedly shifted from the brand to customer yet many companies still have a hard time catching up to this.

So what can you do?

Let me share with you three secrets from a Digital Master, who also happens to be one of largest global consumer products companies in the world, and reveal how they do it.

First they simplify the way for customers to access their brands. They realized that they have to use different agencies in different parts of the world. Marketing cannot be homogenized. But the underlying technology platforms, used by the agencies and the brand managers, can and they set the common KPIs which are consistently tracked across all channels.

Secondly, they reward customers for trying out different channels and put in the necessary steps to create a consistent experience across them.

Thirdly, identify consumer preferences and trends using technologies such as cloud and analytics. Armed with the necessary information, they will optimize their product assortment while delivering tailored marketing messages. Thanks to these piloted, direct channels, they are in a more confident position to refine their pricing and promotional strategies and connect with their target consumers.

If this company applies the same principles to digitally transform their other business functions as they have done to their customer-facing ones, they will be unstoppable. What would be the next status after Digital Master? Digital Jedi?

Vikrant Karnik SVP: Enterprise Cloud Services

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A Repository of Ideas to Help you Create Digital Transformation

Use TechnoVision 2015 as a repository of ideas to better understand how technology can create Digital Transformation to not just change the Customer Experience but your Internal Operations and even entire business models.

To get started, apply these three distinct perspectives and you’ll be able to create a positive Digital Transformation impact to your organization.

Learn how to apply these using our TechnoVision 2015 framework or get inspired from its innovation ideas


Take a fresh look at existing process, solutions, architectures and portfolios to assess if things could and should be done differently, given advances in technology.


Create a catalog of services that bridge the stability and robustness of the established, corporate world and the new, dynamic needs of Digital.


Consider and use technology for disruptive change to business models, applying angles that were deemed impossible or unthinkable until now.