Digital Manufacturing: Faster, Better, Smarter

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Author: Lanny Cohen
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Welcome to the August edition of BTB with our focus on the rapidly changing world of manufacturing, where digital technologies are forcing companies to rethink product, supply chain, and consumer satisfaction, in real time.

Are You Game for Digital Manufacturing?

Break through the hype of digital everything and allow managers to focus on the right priorities. Smart factories and intelligent products can leverage new tools and techniques for improved operations, with data at the heart of this transformation.

Digital Factory: The New Industrial Revolution

After steam, steel and electricity, the next industrial revolution may well be the Factory 4.0. What’s behind the digital factory concept? What benefits does it offer companies? The digital factory will improve flexibility and streamline operations.

Does Industry 4.0 Equal IOT + Digital Manufacturing?

Data is becoming the new source of value for manufacturing, helping to build smarter supply chains and intelligent ecosystems. Advanced technologies open up big opportunities for smaller organizations, and represent a competitive challenge.

Smart Factories and the Modern Manufacturer

The leaders in smart factories are the Digital Masters, who have leapt ahead of beginners on key digital and transformation parameters. With “digital intensity” they provide the blueprint others can follow to achieve similar success.

The Role of Smart Manufacturing Operations Management in Discrete Manufacturing

Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM) is about to get a major overhaul. It will be a smarter, flexible solution that leverages digital technologies such as IoT, analytics, and AI, plus comprehensive orchestration and machine learning.

What is Your Definition of Industry 4.0?

Some industry pundits state that Industry 4.0 is all about IoT. But it is more than that. Industry 4.0 intends to build the technical attributes to achieve efficiency and scale, and weaves a digital thread across the value chain.

Meet the authors

Amit Supe

Sr Manager - Solutions and Consulting

Debbie Krupitzer

IoT Practice Lead - Business Transformation

Denis Sproten

Senior Solutions Architect

Patrice le Franc

Global Head of Manufacturing Operations Management

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