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Author: Lanny Cohen
Beyond the Buzz Today’s trending topics. All in one place.

Welcome to the new edition of BTB where we explore the new world of federated data security in the form of blockchain. Interest, and indeed new practical implementations of this technology will have far reaching implications.

Blockchain – Opportunities & Challenges across Multiple Industries

It began with Bitcoin, but now it has spread. Blockchain has the potential to radically...

SMART Contracts: from Hype to Reality

Smart contracts, enabled by blockchain—distributed ledgers—have been touted as a cure for...

The Revolution is Underway – Blockchain is for Real

Blockchain technology is set to revolutionize the flow of transactions and the daily lives of...

Why Governments are Banking on Blockchain

It is not just the financial sector that is set to benefit from blockchain—it can hold data...

Blockchain Testing Before Deployment is Crucial

It is predicted that 2017 will be the breakout year for blockchain in mainstream...


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