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Author: Lanny Cohen
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Welcome to July’s BTB where we share examples of how the world is being shaped by robots, artificial intelligence, and automation. For some, automation is the simple replacement of repetitive tasks, but for others, it can change entire business models.

Of Robots and Men

Robotization is set to transform every aspect of society. Lanny Cohen, Chief Technology Officer at Capgemini, reflects on this incredible revolution.

The Five senses of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence is not a singular piece of technology that can be bolted onto a business process. Rather, it is a set of five senses, when combined deliver better outcomes and progressively greater efficiency to the organization.

The Must-Have Accelerators to Drive Automation Efforts

It’s widely accepted that automation can mean a 40% to 60% effort reduction in application maintenance and even more in business services and testing. But despite all the positive reviews and media predictions is it living up to the hype?

With a Little Help from my Friends

Healthcare in the industrialized west is facing shortages and price escalation. AI could be the cure, or at least provide the busy clinician with inexpensive, reliable assistance with everything from capturing symptoms, to scheduling, to diagnosis.

Robotic Process Automation Gears Up for Greater Innovation

RPA is a highly integrated means to apply automation to existing applications. Until recently, this has been relegated to low complexity, high volume, routine work. But a new revolution in RPA is coming that will change many parts of our daily lives.

The Era of Intelligent Automation

New technologies now make Intelligent Automation a reality. Machine learning has moved from the realm of defense and financial industries to the mainstream. Even biometrics play a role in unlocking opportunities for easier, secure, automation.

Meet the authors

Lanny Cohen

Global Chief Technology Officer

Christopher Stancombe

Head of Industrialization and Automation

Xavier Chelladurai

Vice President, Group Competitiveness - Automation

Denis Sproten

Senior Solutions Architect

Mihir Punjabi

Principal Solutions Architect

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