Applied Innovation

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Author: Lanny Cohen
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Innovation is business strategy de jour. But large sums of money are wasted because of poor planning, buy-in, and alignment. We examine how innovation, properly managed and applied can yield superior outcomes, and reduce waste and frustration.

Applied Innovation in Apac— Observations and Opportunities

Innovation is a long journey with many milestones. But when there is no rulebook on how to...

Innovation Keeps The Big Issue Thriving

Innovation can and should be used to address society’s systemic social challenges. In the UK,...

The Evolution of Innovation – ‘Ecovation’ could be the New Normal

One can argue that the next evolutionary phase of innovation will be the building of...

Applied Innovation Exchange Singapore: At the heart of a thriving Ecosystem

For innovation, the dynamic markets of APAC now rival Silicon Valley. Singapore is in a...

How Should Governments Innovate

Local governments (not huge national institutions) are a logical place to introduce...

APAC – The New Technology Powerhouse

The Asia Pacific (APAC) market, specifically Singapore, offers an array of opportunities for...

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Global Chief Technology Officer

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: Executive Vice President, Chief Technology & Innovation Officer, Financial Services