2017 Technology Predictions

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Our focus for 2017 will be on the “technology trends that really matter now,” that have immediate and practical implications for the well-being and sustainability of the enterprise. We will closely examine innovation in its many forms: its orchestration, contextualization, deployment, and sustainability.


Market demand, technology investment, and business forums continue to place a disproportionate emphasis on big data, analytics, and the digital customer experience compared to any another domain. Yet the overall business impact and ROI of these both continue to fall short of expectations and vision.


Platforms can be viewed as both a technology architecture and delivery paradigm, and as a business model paradigm. The term has taken on many of the same attributes of digital, transformation, innovation, etc.—widely used, broadly applicable, and borderline too general and vague. Yet platforms are, and will remain a major disruptive force in the market.


The enterprise’s core competencies continue to undergo significant change, and there is a transition to be more software-centric or even a software company. Also, product companies are taking on the characteristics of service businesses and service companies are taking on attributes of product businesses.


Arguably no other topic commands the attention in today’s market more than “trust.” It manifests itself broadly in subjects such as risk tolerance and risk management, security, privacy, data sovereignty, loyalty, reputation, hacking, threat landscape, and attack surface. It is a topic on the agenda of boardrooms and the C-suite, the highest levels of government, and enterprises in every industry.


For many years we have quietly seen the maturation of both virtual and augmented reality technologies (AR and VR). In the media, gaming, and entertainment applications, both VR and AR have continued to gain ground. At the same time, two other dynamics have become more apparent and noteworthy.


We conclude our 2017 Business Technology Trends discussion with a continuum of topics that may emerge as the most debated, invested, disruptive, and transformative for the enterprise in the near-term: automation in new venues, smart and connected devices, and intelligence drawn from data.


2017 will no doubt be a year of further disruption and the introduction of additional new technologies and business opportunities. So go on the offensive; mobilize the business and IT together; act quickly through experimentation; and establish external partnerships.

Meet the authors

Lanny Cohen

Global Chief Technology Officer

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