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Cryptocurrencies and the Blockchain

Tech Trends Predictions for 2016

In the lead up to 2016, no doubt there will be thought leaders across the industry who will share their predictions of how technology will evolve. In our last edition of Beyond the Buzz for 2015, our experts share what they think will be the hot trends for next year:

  • Autonomics and cognitive technologies
  • The IoT Tech Triad
  • New experiences
  • Commoditization of data
  • Impact of digital transformation on QA & Testing

Forrester also shares what the new breed of CIOs will be.

These are our top 2016 technology predictions. What are yours?

Lanny Cohen
Capgemini Group CTO

Cryptocurrencies and the Blockchain

Cryptocurrencies and the Blockchain

The potential of money without borders is at our doorstep with crypto-currencies such as Bitcoin but the potential of the blockchain is not reserved for the Financial Services industry but unlocks opportunities for any enterprise.

In this edition of Beyond the Buzz, our leading experts discuss how the blockchain improves cybersecurity, data and analytics, organizational efficiency, and infrastructure. Deborah Baxley provides a comprehensive history of Bitcoin; a practical explanation of how Bitcoin works, and shares the opportunities of crypto-currencies to the Banking industry. Menno van Doorn outlines how crypto-economies will evolve and shares four essential ways to understand blockchain. Leo Kennedy and Jaap Bloem outline the positive impact blockchain can have on data storage and secured connections.

You can also learn more about Capgemini’s new crypto-currency SRTCoin from Bart Cant.

A frictionless economy is in sight, explore Crypto-currencies and the Blockchain with us.

Lanny Cohen
Capgemini Group CTO

New face of integration

New face of integration

The pursuit of creating seamless user experiences for customers and employees alike requires enterprises to achieve full agility, speed and experimentation in what they do.

In this edition of Beyond the Buzz, our experts share ideas on how to achieve enterprise integration. David Blackwood looks at looking at infrastructure as virtual lego to build digital airports. Rick Bouter shares how to approach Internet of Things strategically to achieve practical value whilst Reinoud Kaasschieter shows how to use prototypes to fast track ideas into solutions. Finally Fernando Alvarez shares three steps for every organization to become Fast Digital.

This is what the new face of integration looks like.

Lanny Cohen
Capgemini Group CTO

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