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Software Product Engineering

More than half of the global economy is based on or influenced by digital. The role of software is fundamental and even traditional businesses, products and services have become purely software-driven or involve hardware that depends on software.

Software enables products and services to become ‘smart’, connected, and even autonomous. It unlocks performance, capabilities, and new ways for enterprises to interact with customers while delivering personalized and meaningful experiences.

Softwarization provides engineers with unprecedented ways to collect product performance and usage data in the real world. These invaluable insights enable engineers to refine existing products and develop new ones.

With software, quickly develop and release quality complex products quickly. Create a strategically aligned portfolio that can evolve rapidly with fast-changing market demands, resource scarcity, and culture shifts.

Venture capitalist Marc Andreessen once wrote that “software is eating the world.” My version of Andreesen’s quote is, “Every company is trying to be a software company.”

– Jiani Zhang, Chief Software Officer, Capgemini Engineering

What we do

We help reorganize your company around products to transform from a service provider into an ecosystem creator. Adopt innovation processes that follow a product-led software development approach (e.g., design-led engineering, mesh service design).

We provide a coherent innovation strategy that translates R&D investments into short, medium, and long-term business goals. We provide dedicated product management resources to direct R&D investments and define a clear product roadmap. This prevents budget overruns and streamlines operations for the software product life cycle.

Streamline your portfolio and determine which products to retain, modernize, or retire. We assess where your portfolio of products resides within the software product lifecycle (SPLC). Define a resource-backed product to prevent budget overruns and streamline the SPLC.

Meet our experts

Jiani Zhang

EVP and Chief Software Officer, Capgemini Engineering
As the Capgemini Software Engineering leader, Jiani has proven a track record for supporting organizations of all sizes to drive business growth through software. With over 15 years of experience in the IT and Software industry, including strategy and consulting, she has helped business transform to compete in today’s digital landscape.

Zenyk Matchyshyn

Chief Technology Officer, Software Product Engineering
Zenyk, a seasoned technologist, is dedicated to leveraging the potential of software for positive change. He is passionate about technology, and his expertise extends across multiple industries. Using his interdisciplinary knowledge, Zenyk provides solutions to digital transformation complexities that many industries face. Zenyk has pioneered solutions within emerging technologies and is committed to making a lasting impact on the world through tech innovation.

Mandeep Singh

Head of Sales, Enterprise Clients, Software Product Engineering