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Not if, but when (and how).

Power grids across the world will not last in their current state. Built for vastly different energy needs, they’re incapable of managing today’s challenges, including the rise of renewable energy sources; increasing electrification, as for charging stations, V2G and heating; and new storage demands and capabilities.
Grids cannot be allowed to age into a state of disrepair. Energy grids are the backbone of the industrialized world – with even relatively minor failures making news. The question is not “if” electrical grids require transformation, but when to start, and how best to leverage this imperative into an opportunity – to build new electrical grids that are reliable, affordable, and secure, and that bring value long into the future.

Smart Grids at scale: not a singular route but a pattern of deep digital transformations

New power grids will be built on a digital core, which means the quality of digital solutions is paramount. Unfortunately, many of the digital systems on the market are built for one purpose, and then adapted for other needs. The imprecision of this approach leads to inefficiencies and missed opportunities, as needs are missed, and potential use cases are overlooked. The leading digital grids of the future will be built on fit-for-purpose digital technologies designed precisely for the present and future needs of electrical grids.

A robust and interoperable architecture will enable operators to integrate various data layers and better manage data across the entirety of the grid lifecycle. It will provide the foundation to fully benefit from new technologies now and as they arise, including:

  • Local balancing, supervision, and power optimization on the edge through edge-of-the grid computing
  • Deployment of IT/OT solutions, sensors and computational capabilities throughout the network and substations
  • Faster and more accurate local decision making
  • Implementation of specialized local grid functionalities

Capgemini’s approach to benefit grid operators

Capgemini has over 20 years of smart grid expertise and works as a true data partner ​to scale up Smart Grid transformation, leveraging Data & AI ​to optimize grid operations, enhance asset management and deliver new services. ​ We are committed on outcomes that improve utilities’ grid availability, reduce costs, and enable the energy transition through 4 data driven building blocks:

  • Data-driven grid: Set technical foundations and human capabilities to leverage data for grid optimization, asset planning & modelling​+ edge of the grid management & client consumption.
  • Grid operations: Increasing grid performance and grid operations efficiency, ensuring grid stability, resiliency and (cyber)security.
  • Network instrumentation: Installing and connecting sensors, smart substations including edge of the grid computing.

Digital transformation journey for grid operators

Together with Schneider Electric, we explore the urgent transformation facing grid operators.

What can you expect?

Maximizing the potential of this moment requires more than leading technologies. It takes people who are fascinated by the changes taking place in the energy sector, who possess the talent and experience to push the limits of what’s possible. The transformation that’s underway has no manual – it’s being driven by creativity and the urge to build. We’re facing a once-in-a-generation opportunity to embed efficiency and power into the core of operations, driving success for decades to come.

Reach out to our dedicated team to share your experience and questions, and start building the future you want.

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