Intelligent Cockpit

Intelligent Cockpit is a global offer for automotive OEMs & Tier1s building new in-cabin user experience, providing knowledge and assets to accelerate your journey to the immersive digital next-gen Cockpit.

The evolution of next-gen Cockpit, from in-cabin user experience to immersive digital experience, poses a challenge to OEMs & Tier1s. Reducing complexity in the Cockpit by bundling multiple functions in a single control unit requires a transition to an agile approach. Today, this is a crucial issue to deliver meaningful information to the driver and entertainment content to the passengers. Capgemini Engineering offers solutions dedicated to next-gen Cockpit, providing knowledge and assets to accelerate the Intelligent Cockpit journey.

What we do

User Experience & Design

Discover, focus and design: Focus on identifying business opportunities creating great products & meaningful experiences.

Our user experience design and strategy expertise enable an integrated approach, from ideation to product, prototyping, including usage, technologies, and business models:

• HMI UX/UI Design & Strategy
• HMI Prototype
• HMI SW for IC, Infotainment, HUD & AR, RSE
• Multi-Display Integration / Implementation
• Integration of Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality, Voice recognition & control
• Graphics optimization on target (boot-up, performance)
• Simulations for Infotainment & Clusters
• HMI Verification & Validation

We develop all customer-facing connected web & mobile apps and support OEMs in customer relationships by developing web apps for planning and controlling OEM services.

Feature Development & Integration

Outsource non-core functions: We offer turnkey development for your non-core functions and act as an integration partner for new features.

We develop next-generation In-Vehicle-Infotainment giving drivers and passengers an enhanced In-Vehicle experience and providing OEMs with new monetization opportunities.

Our expertise covers Analog Clusters to Full Digital Instrument Clusters (FDC), Head-Up-Displays (with AR/VR), and Cross-Domain Hubs (with IVI integration).

We integrate ADAS/AD features that actively improve navigation, helping prevent road fatalities, injuries, and accidents.

We develop embedded SW to support onboard devices connectivity through Wi-Fi, LTE, 4G/5G, Bluetooth, DSCR and RFID, Telematics systems, IoT integration, and V2X use cases.

Digital Automation of System Validation

Enhance & automate system validation: To master the cockpit validation complexity due to advanced cockpit features.

We ideate, design, develop, and test complex systems & products, taking responsibility for complete product development projects from ideas to the end-of-life or providing point expertise, assets, and services on specific life cycle steps.
Supported by Software Frameworks & Global Shore accelerators:

• Intelligent Test Automation Framework
• ADAS 3D Visualization & Labelling
• Artificial Intelligence for HMI Validation (VATA: Vision Assisted Test Automation)
• Android Automotive
• AUTOSAR & Automotive Lab
• CD/CI SW Platform
• Applied Research Center (Vortex-CoLab)

Global Training Center

We design and run tailor-made training to upskill your teams so that you master new and upcoming Cockpit technologies.

Client stories

Meet our experts

Dr. Klaus Breining

Director Capgemini Engineering | Germany