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Accelerate your journey to the gigafactory of the future

The automotive industry is transitioning to electric vehicle battery production at scale, and innovating for efficiency, sustainability, and rapid growth is more crucial than ever.

Battery manufacturers are all racing to increase speed to production, speed to market, and speed to revenue. However, building a gigafactory with successful and profitable battery production requires advanced technologies and processes that can offset production costs, reduce total cost of ownership (TOC), and ultimately accelerate EV adoption.

Capgemini is helping organizations build gigafactories from pilot to production. In a race where time is of the essence, our accelerated solutions environment (ASE) workshops can fast-track your progress.

As a trusted advisor and pioneer in the battery industry, we can be your guide, providing expertise around our proven capabilities:

  • Digital Core and Industrial Data Platform: Implementing end-to-end optimized business processes such as ERP, MES, and MOM, leading to a hyper-efficient gigafactory.
  • Capgemini Battery Academy: A comprehensive approach for talent acquisition, onboarding, training, and certifying employees, to provide a timely production kick-off
  • Sustainable supply chain and operations: From raw material procurement, traceability, and regulatory compliance to circular economy practices, we help prioritize sustainability at every step. We can help your organization engineer secure, sustainable, and resilient gigafactory supply chains, while emphasizing recycling and reducing the carbon footprint.

Capgemini is playing a key role in the battery industry

We cofounded the European battery alliance with InnoEnergy, bringing together more than 800 industrials and innovation actors. Together with key research institutions and industrial partners, we have developed a first-of-its-kind Technology Cluster Battery Cell to drive innovation in the domain. We deliver powerful impact to gigafactory players, from strategic design, R&D, and pilot line to gigafactory ramp-up.

With a strong portfolio of use cases, partners, and assets, we are ready to accelerate your gigafactory launch and ramp-up.

Intelligent together:

  • Optimized 200+ plants for a German tech giant
  • Reduced lead time for new line deployment at an American multinational
  • Streamlined workflow at 20+ plants for a Dutch automotive corporation
  • Established a single source of truth for all the information of a vehicle’s lifecycle for a Swedish EV manufacturer
  • Improved cost-efficiency for a luxury car maker, using recyclable materials
  • Set up a production facility for low-carbon batteries for a French manufacturer.

Meet our experts

Pierre Bagnon

Executive Vice President, Global Head of Intelligent Industry Accelerator
Pierre is Executive Vice President at Capgemini, heading Intelligent Industry for the group. He focuses on digital and sustainable transformation, entailing intelligent operations, intelligent product and services and digital continuity, with a particular focus in the Manufacturing and Automotive sectors. With more than 10 years of experience in advanced manufacturing, Pierre is a global subject matter expert for Smart factory.

Tim Gerkens

VP, Intelligent Industry Accelerator, Germany
Tim is the SPOC for Connected Defense topics and lead in the Intelligent Industry Accelerator, a Capgemini group internal strategy program. Tim has 20+ years practical project and program management experience and has been involved in the design of large transformational deals towards new technology, digitization and near-/off-shoring in multi-national projects (Europe, North America, Asia, Middle East) with volumes greater than € 100 Mn. He has core domain knowledge in aerospace and associated defense platforms, rail & automotive, with experience in other industries & IT, having served Industry and public customers including Ministry of Defense.

Vincent Charpiot

Executive Vice President, Head of Group Sustainability Accelerator, Capgemini
I am a senior business executive and global business leader with extensive experience in helping clients manage their digital transformations. I lead the Group Sustainability Accelerator and my focus is to ensure we go to market with a unique Sustainability Services portfolio and ecosystem to help our clients on their journey to Net Zero, in an evolving ESG regulation.

Sam Baker

Manufacturing & Operations practice lead, North America
Sam currently leads a team of consultants focused on manufacturing and process engineering, industrial operations and compliance, quality and regulatory disciplines across all vertical industries in helping clients to enhance day to day manufacturing operations. He has hands-on design and manufacturing expertise in mobile handsets, telecom network equipment, and semiconductor fabrication plants including related software applications and operating systems. Prior to Capgemini, he held multiple leadership positions as Partner and Managing Director at Accenture, IBM, and Samsung Electronics.

Michael Müller

Head of Climate Tech & Sustainability, Capgemini Engineering
Enabling a technology-driven transition to a decarbonized industry by innovations in climate tech and sustainable products & services.

Patrick Sitek

Expert in Digital Transformation and Innovation