As the industry’s leading benchmark for tracking high net worth individuals (HNWIs), their wealth, and the global and economic conditions that drive change in the wealth management industry, the World Wealth Report includes insights from the Global HNW Insights Survey capturing feedback from over 5,000 HNWIs. This gives Capgemini a unique perspective to understand customer preferences and the operational models necessary to successfully address the demands of today’s HNWIs and the firms that serve them. Our solutions focus on key areas for wealth management firms and enables our clients to deliver superior customer experience with increased agility, operational excellence and cost efficiency.

Meeting the needs of tomorrow’s HNWIs

By 2025, world wealth is projected to hit US$100 trillion, primarily driven by Asia-Pacific. The World Wealth Report 2016 found this region has nearly tripled the wealth of 10 years ago and has become the leader in HNWI population and wealth, surpassing North America. With only one-third of HNWI total wealth being managed by wealth firms, there is great opportunity for firms to capitalize on HNWIs’ preference for holistic and investment management advice.

Additionally, complexity of Asia-Pacific HNWI wealth demands more strategic action. Wealth managers are not fully attuned on the importance and understanding of these needs. Firms in the region must be prepared to take action in three areas: wealth manager enablement, digital capabilities, and lending solutions.

Wealth management offerings

Backed by 20 years of experience and deep industry insights, Capgemini’s wealth management offerings can help financial services institutions to build a business model with sustainable profitability while being able to enhance client centricity, boost operational efficiency, and effectively address the regulatory requirements.

Advisor desktop transformation

Capgemini provides enriching advisor desktop processes and platform helping firms increase advisor productivity, retain advisors and gain competitive advantage to grow wallet share. Capgemini has helped several wealth management firms increase their advisor productivity by up to 20%. Our offerings include:

  • Strategy and benchmarking
  • Platform and package assessment
  • Advisor productivity enhancement
  • Operational efficiencies and workflow automation

Client experience

Capgemini has experience helping wealth firms efficiently leverage client data to understand their client’s needs and behaviors to drive client centricity and enhanced client experience. Our offerings include:

  • Rationalized client segmentation
  • Client 360° view and Master Data Management (MDM)
  • Consolidated client reporting
  • CRM modernization and transformation
  • Custom market analysis

Digital transformation

Capgemini helps firms create a digital strategy using an holistic approach that cuts across the organization, providing an end-to-end solution with digital agenda in mind for wealth management businesses. Our offerings include:

Operational excellence

Capgemini’s focused solutions help wealth firms support the volume and pace of regulatory changes while allowing them to establish effective practice management processes via advisory process optimization, omini-channel delivery of services and utility based models to increase automation for operational excellence.

Deep industry experience in wealth management

  • Over 20 years of experience in innovation, transformation and delivery of wealth management solutions
  • More than 3,500 capital market professionals globally
  • 20 years experience of publishing leading insights in wealth management industry with the World Wealth Report

Accelerating time to market with reusable frameworks and tools

  • Reusable wealth management accelerators including frameworks, maturity model and client segmentation model
  • Benchmark tool with data from 35 firms across 450 + functions
  • Advisor transformation framework that can enhance advisor productivity by up to 20%
  • 70+ proprietary risk and compliance tools and frameworks for FATCA, data management, CCR and MDM reference architectures, Sigma Map
  • Proprietary tools for mobility and social media including Enterprise Mobility Orchestrator, enterprise mobility benchmark tool, mobile solution labs and reusable wealth management mobility frameworks including advisor and client dashboards

Proprietary market sizing tools

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