SAP Leonardo

Want Renaissance art? Look to Leonardo da Vinci. Want digital rebirth? Turn to SAP Leonardo

An innovative methodology and set of technologies for digital transformation

SAP® Leonardo is SAP’s groundbreaking methodology to drive rapid innovation and digital transformation. The approach combines technologies, microservices, APIs, and accelerator packages to help organizations transform processes and reimagine their business.

SAP Leonardo places intelligent emerging technologies – from advanced analytics to IoT, from blockchain to machine learning to conversational AI – on an open cloud platform. The goal is to achieve deeper insights, make faster decisions, and enable new innovations, business models, and results.

Philippe D’Amato, Global Offer Lead SAP Leonardo, Fast Digital 4 Discrete Industries

“We see SAP Leonardo as the cement of our joint initiative, by leveraging … the innovation process [and] the ability to drive scalability of innovations.”

Overview on Intelligent Supply Chain leveraging the SAP Leonardo Accelerators 


From Promise to Payoff

Capgemini recognizes the potential for SAP Leonardo and understands how to help organizations leverage emerging technologies for competitive advantage. To that end, we have created two centers of excellence focused specifically on deriving value from investments in SAP Leonardo. In fact, we’re the only systems integrator with an SAP Leonardo innovation center located in Europe.

Capgemini is leveraging our SAP experience and expertise to achieve lean, agile SAP Leonardo engagements. We work with you to understand your needs, assess your opportunities, and help you optimize processes and realize new innovations. With Capgemini and SAP Leonardo, you can leverage intelligent technologies to become an intelligent enterprise – and win in the digital economy.

Certified by SAP

Capgemini now has four of its supply chain and manufacturing solutions certified by SAP as industry innovation accelerators. These certifications recognize Capgemini’s ability to help clients achieve their digital transformation goals by accelerating delivery and enabling competitive differentiation.