Inventing an efficient, resilient and sustainable supply chain

Recover. Reimagine. Build.

While disruption of such magnitude might have been difficult to foresee, COVID-19 has exposed a clear lack of contingency preparation across global supply chains to cope with severe disruptions, both in terms of maintaining supply and meeting demand. For instance, supply chains have to rise to meet a dramatic increase in online demand while maintaining key suppliers.

Restarting the supply chain presents organizations with unprecedented complications. There’s uncertainty about data, and supplier viability; on how to achieve the supply chain that is needed for recovery; and how to build a supply chain fit for the new post-pandemic paradigm. To withstand disruption, supply chain resilience and sustainability need to be increased, while maintaining efficiency.

With our strong transformation capabilities, digital levers, and expertise across all sectors, we will help you to manage recovery and reinvent the new – a more sustainable, efficient and resilient supply chain.

Managing recovery: Responding to a new norm

The initial focus must be on immediate and short-term measures that quickly generate transparency about supply and demand and allow cost savings. Our ready-to-use assets allow organizations to monitor the supply chain during crisis, reduce operating costs, secure employee safety, remediate shortages and restart production.

What our recovery support will swiftly provide for your enterprise:

  • A war room to establish complete visibility into your operations
  • A SAVE operations program to scan all the key levers for cash preservation, cost cutting and spend compression, to calculate the break points, and monitor the impacts
  • Supply chain simulations for recovery, to assess the financial and operational impact of different scenarios, and identify mitigating measures for critical parts, inventories and interruption risks
  • Sales and operations planning for recovery (S&OPR) that optimizes short-term production and distribution capacity and schedules according to new consumer behaviors via customized S&OP cycles
  • Proactive demand shaping, analytics and forecasting to assess customer demand in real time, improve forecasts, align operations and strengthen cash flow management
  • A business recovery strategy with supplier and logistics prioritization to remediate supply chain delays and to re-engage with customers
  • Restart production plan synchronization to help you re-engineer an integrated planning process
  • Dynamic inventory monitoring and distribution to equip executives and local plant management with a dedicated recovery cockpit and KPI tracking
  • Preparation for operations restart – as you shift from daily firefighting to more formalized and defined processes, we support you to pick up pace and gear up for a restart of operations.

From recovery to reinvention: Building for a new paradigm

While stabilizing operations for a full restart we will already be laying the foundations for you to reinvent your business. With our proven expertise in end-to-end delivery we rapidly analyze core processes, assess your situation, and set up quick wins while packaging new practices. We define your new business model and strategy and deliver a clear transformation roadmap.

What we’ll bring to help you transition swiftly from recovery to reinvention:

  • A comprehensive strategy for a resilient, efficient and sustainable supply chain rebalancing traditional service and cost patterns
  • Supply chain as a service, enabled by an end-to-end data platform for 360° transparency between all stakeholders
  • Demand-driven forecasting and capacity management to anticipate demand and fine-tune risk management
  • A new, agile and collaborative procurement process, which includes multi-sourcing, revenue assurance, suppliers’ pools and alternative sources of supply management
  • Fully integrated Industry 4.0 capabilities for a flexible and rapid supply chain
  • Demand-driven omnichannel orchestration powered by data, including inventory policy and ecommerce development.

With disruption now widespread, it is critical for businesses to build a supply chain resilience strategy (SCRS) that embraces complexity. We will partner with you to bring you to a more sustainable, rebalanced, robust, proactive, and customer-centric supply chain, to thrive in a post-pandemic world.

For more information contact Delphy Amarat or Michael Becker