In today’s marketplace, businesses need to be present the moment customers make a purchase decision anytime, anywhere – mobile, laptop, network commerce, and in stores.

  • Conversion Flow Optimization – We give you the tools you need to optimize your marketing funnel.
  • Lifetime Relationship Management – Track customer needs to create and keep loyal customers.
  • Reach – Easily enable multi-channel transactions for your products and campaigns.

Our solutions include:

  • Checkout Optimization – optimize the checkout strategy and help increase conversion rate with industry best practices.
  • Pricing, Promotion & Product Development – enhanced user journey that improves conversions and customer engagement with a user-centric design and service.
  • Recommendation Engines – Streamline your order and payment processing by eliminating bottlenecks, preventing inaccuracy and establishing a smooth flow from sales to order fulfillment.
  • Commerce Platforms – Shape the overall customer experience by applying data science and showing relevant items at the right time and on the right page.
  • Experience Management – Implement technology solutions that transform business capabilities, increase sales, and improve geographic reach across the business world.
  • Catalog and Content Management – Optimize the value of your marketing collaterals by facilitating efficient management of catalog and content management.

Uncover how customers are engaging with your brand. Learn more about our Engagement Blueprint solution, Capgemini Engagement Blueprint