Get ready for GDPR

GDPR is not just a regulatory requirement. It’s an opportunity to build trust and confidence with your customers and employees.

Get it wrong and you’ll risk financial penalties and people turning away. Get it right and you’ll race ahead of the pack.

Capgemini can help you take full advantage of the unavoidable opportunity of GDPR. Whatever stage of the journey you’re at, we can implement practical solutions to help you meet compliance and use data more strategically to benefit your organization.

Everyone talks about compliance…

Yes, there are big requirements from GDPR – and severe risks and financial penalties for failing to comply.

Across the digital enterprise, there are a range of challenges:

• Non-compliance can harm your brand reputation and your bottom line
• Application, data and security landscapes can need a lot of work to become compliant
• If people activate their new rights, there could be a big change in how they want you to communicate with them
• How to achieve compliance with the personal data of future, past and present employees

…but there’s also an opportunity

Data is the fuel of every organisation. And if your data is clean, safe, organised and accessible, people will have more trust in your organization. Far from putting a halt on the way you monetize data or build digital strategies around the value of your data, the GDPR can help drive them. It can help you become more competitive, productive and allow you to pursue wider digital possibilities.

Yet most providers only focus on compliance. And that approach undermines planned and future data strategies, and means you could miss out on those wider opportuntities.

We’ll help you make the most of both

Capgemini can help you take advantage of both sides of GDPR. We combine an agile way of working with a choice of flexible services, so you can:

• Comply with the needs of regulators, customers, citizens and employees
• Build digital trust into your processes and systems by design
• Equip business and IT teams with smart automated digital services

As a result, you won’t just be compliant, you’ll be ahead of the pack too.


• We take a strategic approach to GDPR – helping you move towards compliance, but also grasp the business opportunity
• We build trust by design, using a lens focused on the individual to drive privacy, protection and transparency
• Our agile methodology allows us to focus on your specific GDPR challenges and priorities. So you define the parameters, not us
Unlike others, we can help you with everything, from consultation to implementation. Our consultants and practitioners are ready to get hands-on and implement

Embrace the opportunity offered by GDPR

Contact us to find out more about how Capgemini can help you meet your GDPR requirements, not just by May 2018 but also to help you sustain better data governance and customer relationships over the for the longer term.

Contact: Graham Hunt for more information on our PIA, Data Discovery Assessment and other GDPR services.