Seamless Commerce for Enterprise

Connecting the business buyer: Creating an unbroken, end-to-end and personalized business-to-consumer (B2C) experience in a business-to-business (B2B) market-place.

Embracing new technologies on the B2B buying journey

Digital commerce is essential to every organization’s mission to generate more revenue and create compelling customer experiences that keep orders coming. Whether that customer is a consumer (B2C) or another business (B2B), digital is a pre-requisite for a seamless buying journey.
In the B2B world, digital is transforming the way business buyers purchase the products and services they need to produce and deliver their own products and services. Buyers have been influenced by the customer experience standards set by the leading B2C sites and mandate this in their B2B lives.

Achieving sales growth with e-commerce

Increasingly, e-commerce is the channel B2B businesses prioritize for sales and sales growth. But e-commerce is changing. Today, all customers are omnichannel. They expect—no, they demand—sellers to satisfy their needs, their wants, and their desires, regardless of whether it’s B2C or B2B. At Capgemini, we call this B2Me. And B2B buyers are now behaving just as ruthlessly as B2C customers in their pursuit of the experience they want. This all demands e-commerce solutions incorporating: personalization; convenience; price transparency; and immediacy.

B2C experiences in a B2B marketplace

Capgemini’s Seamless Commerce for Enterprise enables this new B2B commerce model. It helps B2B companies put their customers at the center of their business, no matter the industry.  In turn, this generates loyalty that goes beyond just being transactional and into something that is unequivocally positive and personal. It achieves this by delivering a B2B commerce experience that:

  • Matches the B2C experience—and expectations
  • Personalizes the buying journey with data-driven insight
  • Overcomes channel conflict
  • Goes beyond just the transaction to become an end-to-end journey
  • Creates a single source of truth for the buying ecosystem.


Built on leading e-commerce technology

Capgemini Seamless Commerce for Enterprise is built on SAP Customer Experience, which is independently recognized as an e-commerce solutions leader. SAP Customer Experience delivers enterprise software and on-demand solutions for e-commerce, multi-channel commerce, mobile commerce, product content management, master data management, and order management, as well as cloud-based solutions for customer engagement in sales and service, marketing, and revenue management.
Capgemini has been a Global Services Integration Partner for SAP since 1993. We accelerate the implementation of SAP Customer Experience with proven accelerators, including predefined design templates and best practices. This enables clients to speed the time to value from their investment in SAP.

Further, we have created a model that brings together trading, marketing, supply chain, and IT functionality in a single environment. This addresses client needs across channels and through systems that optimize a diverse range of activities. These include: catalog management, guided buying and selling, product configuration, pricing and quotes, contract management, promotions and rebates, renewals, and order management.

Making all the right connections

Seamless Commerce for Enterprise from Capgemini supports an end-to-end customer experience across channels, devices, departments, and systems. User experiences are based on popular design principles and intuitive access to information anytime, anywhere.
The solution incorporates search and analytics functionality, enabling contextual, location-awareness searches for information. Using predictive and prescriptive analytics, companies can identify, assess, and act on key indicators, such as sales cycle times, conversion rates, and transaction values.
Seamless Commerce for Enterprise also takes into account the role of personalization in influencing buyers and other stakeholders. It supports the interconnection of every customer interaction on the buying journey. This extends from a buyer first visiting a seller’s website/landing page, through contextual shopping and pricing checks, to the completed purchase.

Capgemini’s Seamless Commerce for Enterprise helps B2B companies use digital commerce to make all the right connections across every customer touchpoint—from online to physical—in today’s B2Me world.

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