Cybersecurity Experience Center: Transforming Risks into Business Advantage

With more organizations embracing digital transformation across all areas of their business, the number of threats is increasing. Enterprises are exposed to more digital risks than ever before. How can you protect your assets and continue to innovate in this environment?

Introducing the Cybersecurity Experience Center (CEC): The Epicentre for Immersive Cybersecurity Simulations

It is difficult to know how well your organization will react to a breach without first undergoing one. That’s why we have created the Cybersecurity Experience Center: an immersive experience that simulates a real data breach within your company – without the risk.

Capgemini’s Cybersecurity Experience Center offers on-site and remote cybersecurity incident simulations. These simulations are an effective way to assess the preparedness and resilience of the C-level management team, and the operational SOC and OT teams. Most importantly, the CEC aims to help organizations to be ready for possible cyber incidents and reduce the impact of significant attacks. We’ve installed numerous innovative technologies within dynamic rooms, each of which can be tailored to emulate your organization’s specific infrastructure and cybersecurity needs.

  • The Demo Cyber Defense Center (CDC): This room showcases the activities of a functioning CDC, providing participants with a view of the activity of a simulated digital environment and providing the necessary tools to detect, analyze, and remediate incidents.
  • The Industrial Control Room: The operational technology room has been set up to simulate the control room of a factory environment, showcasing the operator terminals and architecture components of a production environment.
  • The Executive Board Room: The executive board room provides C-level and operational participants with a war-room to assess the crises and develop a strategy to overcome the incident.

Visitors are submerged in a cybersecurity crisis so they can experience first-hand its impact on business operations and learn how to coordinate remediation efforts. With the equipment from our partner Boeing we can simulate the IT, OT, and IoT environment of a company, making it as realistic as possible. Breach simulations can even be adapted to different levels of difficulty, so that cybersecurity teams can test and improve their technical and operational skills – guided by our experienced trainers and cybersecurity specialists.

Contact us today to experience the incident before it has a real impact on your business.

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