CPGPath accelerates the SAP journey

Built for consumer-products companies, CPGPath is a platform of premium assets and accelerators that improve performance, drive accelerated deployment, and mitigate risk to your transformation program.

While most consumer-products companies know that transformation is critical, many enterprises are held back by inflexible legacy systems. Reinventing legacy infrastructures transforms the business with the ability to deliver true customer intimacy.

Certified for SAP S/4HANA®, CPGPath is pre-configured so your business gets to see the solution in action from the start of the program and you can focus design efforts on the 20 percent of business processes that drive 80 percent of the business value.

CPGPath provides a vast collection of tools, templates, resources, and guides that have delivered acceleration, including:

  • Leading industry practices for consumer-products processes, pre-configured for rapid deployment
  • A master list of pre-configured reference business-process solutions
  • Business-process procedures: transaction-level work instructions (training material).

CPGPath is a ready-made solution that allows consumer-products companies to get a running start with an SAP implementation. Capgemini has a rich history of successful collaboration with SAP and leading companies across the consumer-products industry, making it the best choice for your transformation.

CPGPath: Accelerating the SAP journey