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Are you looking to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your C2C cycle?

As organizations expand their operations and drive topline growth, credit management becomes increasingly difficult. Many businesses find their credit-to-cash (C2C) cycle is inefficient and ineffective with barriers to payment at every step. This is often due to a lack of transparency across the enterprise that hinders prompt payments and creates unwanted disputes. Such inefficiency is costly and ties up otherwise useful working capital.

Speed up your cash collection

Capgemini’s Webcollect introduces unprecedented levels of flexibility, industrialization and automation to accelerate your business’ cash collection, improving the efficiency of your entire cash collection process.

With years of Finance and Accounting experience, we recognize that cash collection is not a one-size-fits-all solution—different customer organizations need different approaches.

Webcollect provides layered, dynamic collection strategies that enable your business to adapt different collections strategies for each customer segment whether complex, predictive or risk based.

Featuring a robust reporting capability, dashboard analytics and real-time presentation of critical data, Webcollect enables you to improve your strategic credit decisions and root cause analysis.

Reduce your operating costs and optimize your working capital

Webcollect’s core function is to remove the barriers to payment through a fully customizable, intuitive administration portal that can be used by customers, sales representatives and customer service employees in real time. This enables an astounding amount of communication and collection functionality to be automated and digitized, resulting in accelerated payments and dispute handling that reduces your operating costs and optimizes your working capital.

Webcollect includes automated collection, deduction, credit and cash modules, as required by your business. The tool maintains and records all the essential knowledge and information required to manage the relationship with your customer at payment time, ensuring they pay promptly, easily and positively.

The Five Senses of Intelligent Automation

Capgemini has pioneered the concept of the “Five Senses of Intelligent Automation”—an observation that almost every solution in which artificial intelligence is involved consists of five elements, or senses. Webcollect incorporates these five senses

TALK/LISTEN/Interact—in addition to conventional personal interaction, Webcollect provides chatbots, automatically generated emails, outgoing automated telephone calling and more.

THINK/Analyze—Webcollect includes comprehensive analytics and statistical reporting capabilities.

REMEMBER/Knowledge—Webcollect contains an extensive, centralized document repository enabling rapid and automated data access.

ACT/Service—Webcollect’s core functionality is built on automated collection, deduction, credit and cash modules.

WATCH/Monitor—Webcollect includes a real time dashboard that provides a multi-dimensional view of activity and issues alerts on predefined breaches.

Why Capgemini?

Capgemini’s Webcollect technology has been developed to help maximize the positive customer experience around

collections and improve financial returns.

Webcollect delivers immediate, tangible results to your business, including:

  • 5–10 day reduction in days sales outstanding (DSO).
  • Up to 30% increase in cash collection.
  • 30% improvement in productivity.
  • 20% increase in cash collection efficiency.

Webcollect Factsheet

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