Smart Energy Management

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Turning data into meaningful insights to develop synergies between energy professionals and business consumers and boost energy performance.

Our promise: Secured, Scalable, Available, and Intelligent!

Energy consumption and sustainable development have become growing and vital stakes for energy players, property managers, city stakeholders, and more widely for every industrial assets. Organizations must tap into new innovative ways to reduce costs and identify the chief carbon/energy contributors, and execute measures to reduce the energy consumption. Enterprises need a platform to monitor real-time energy consumption and facilitate centralized energy management and automated alert systems by leveraging next-generation technologies such as IoT, Big Data, AI and analytics.

In order to anticipate changes in regulations and reduce environmental impacts, Capgemini proposes secured, scalable, and ready-to-use solutions that accelerate transition towards cost-effective and optimized energy performance.

By leveraging data intelligence, we set-up flexible and ergonomic digital platform enhancing massive acquisition and advanced data processing services to provide efficient energy management and impacting actions.

Our Smart Energy Management allows organizations to

Our Offerings

  • Setting up of digital hub facilitating the acquisition of massive and heterogeneous data
  • Access to collaborative web portal providing smart energy insights
  • Business oriented dashboards and automated reporting
  • Smart alerting system
  • Automated energy contracts optimization and invoices control
  • A complete set of smart energy applications for all industry sectors with automated energy savings and ROI measurement
  • Generate predictive models integrating multiple influencing factors
  • Interactive and collaborative action plans management interface


Smart Energy Management brings together one single platform – Energisme

  • A collaborative platform, cross-sites, cross-sources, cross-devices in SaaS mode
  • The powerful cloud platform designed to manage massive and heterogeneous data that come together with smart analytics and services to enable efficient management
  • The skills of Capgemini in consulting, IT integration, development, deployment, industrialization
  • The expertise of Microsoft in secured infrastructures and hosting


Key Differentiators

  • 25 years of experience in energy and asset management with a deep understanding of critical processes and safety challenges
  • Recognized ability to integrate the best advanced technologies and pre-packaged solutions for a faster project deployment
  • Automated collection of all energy and asset data
  • From suppliers and distributors
  • From business IS (ERP, CRM)
  • From technical IS (MES, CMMS, BMS)
  • IoT-ready: Easy deployment and management of connected products including existing IoT library
  • Use of web services for geo-referenced data
  • Smartphone application (IOS/Android) for manual data collection of on-site index 

Our Energy Digital Hub for all industry sectors

  • Plug and Play – Ready to be connected with full-ecosystem of software and equipments
  • User-friendly and collaborative – Information available at few clicks with specific content for each user profile
  • Scalable and Non-intrusive – Adaptable to all industries (asset, business, process)

Smart Energy Management...

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