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Smart cities are in vogue.

This study published by IFRI in partnership with Capgemini, aims to understand how “Smart City” models now go beyond technology and utility, and emerge more significantly in the geopolitical area in a changing economic and world order.

Governments, the technology industry, various other industry sectors (construction, energy, transportation etc.) along with consulting firms, NGOs and individual experts are developing smart city projects.

Whether we look at it from a sustainability perspective or a security perspective, the two key lenses of evaluating the smart city paradigm, it comes across as an effort to enhance the quality of life.

On the other hand, with the continuous emergence of newer technology (e.g. 5G) the strategic nature of technology infrastructure (telecom, energy grids, data centers etc.) becomes even more relevant. It’s relevance also increases in a geo-political framework. Increasingly, we see a diverging position in nation-states in the conception and application of the Smart City model. It can easily be said that the smart city model has surpassed as the arena of technological and economic competition to occupy a larger world stage creating a new sphere of influence and is now a geo-strategic competition.

While we are familiar with the technological aspect of Smart Cities, will the increasing bi-polarization of globalization, also result in a bi-polarization of smart city architectures? And if so, what will be its impact on the technology industry?


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