EUC Fireside Chat: Redefining energy transition and sustainability strategies

in a post COVID world

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A discussion on how EUC organizations can improve resiliency and expedite recovery through a green recovery strategy

This past spring the energy & utilities industry was faced with a so-called “double black swan,” as the ongoing public health emergency coincided with a collapse in oil prices. With the recovery timeline for both crises ongoing, the sector is now forced to manage through a period of unprecedented volatility and prolonged disruption.

These events have prompted many organizations to reevaluate their energy transition and sustainability strategies. In this discussion, Philippe Vié, global leader for energy, utilities and chemicals,  Florent Andrillion, head of the energy, utilities & chemicals for Capgemini Invent, and James Forrest global sponsor and head of energy, utilities and chemicals in the UK, explore how organizations can adapt energy transition and sustainability efforts to improve the resilience of their business and speed recovery efforts.

Together, these experts will address some of the most urgent and important issues on the recovery agenda, including:

  • Adapting energy transition and sustainability efforts to improve profitability;
  • Leveraging digital technology, including AI, edge computing, automation, drones, AR/VR, to expedite energy transition efforts;
  • Addressing consumer demand for green energy sources through a green recovery strategy; and
  • Creating a clear and compelling roadmap to prioritize and guide transition and sustainability efforts.

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Connect with our experts

Philippe Vié

Philippe Vié is the Global Energy, Utilities and Chemicals Sector Leader at Capgemini, and has been in the industry for over 25 years leading transformation projects globally.

Florent Andrillon

Florent is leading Energy Utilities & Chemicals market unit for Capgemini Invent France.

James Forrest

As a global leader in our Energy and Utilities business, I help my clients with major business transformations involving smart grid, IOT, the reform of gas and electricity markets, major software and infrastructure changes and use of machine learning and artificial intelligence to drive significant business performance improvement.