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Transform the Core for Your Digital Future

FinTechs/BigTechs/challenger banks are leveraging cloud-based core platforms and easily integrating with the partner ecosystem to take offerings to market faster. These dynamics demand that incumbent banks (many with legacy core systems) transform into digital banks to match the pace of their faster counterparts. The only way to enable this transformation is through core modernization.

But core modernization is an enterprise-level change that raises several questions for banks. Should it be on-premises or on the cloud? Will it be in phases or one large implementation? What’s the best way to securely migrate data from legacy?

Capgemini’s Core Banking Modernization offering addresses these questions and more, helping banks modernize their core and achieve business outcomes such as higher revenue growth, reduced costs and de-risking their operations.

With Capgemini’s Core Banking Modernization offering, banks have a proven, methodical approach to core modernization that will help them keep pace with digital competitors.

Our offering is underpinned by Temenos, the industry leader in banking software. As a key global strategic partner of Temenos, Capgemini offers comprehensive services and solutions that help banks unlock the full value of this powerful platform and create a core banking system environment that is simpler and more efficient, highly flexible, and that fosters responsiveness to the dynamic banking environment.

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