Capgemini’s Core Modernization Offering for Community Banks on Temenos Accelerator

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Capgemini’s Core Modernization offering for community banks underpinned by Temenos Accelerator can help community banks modernize their core and achieve business outcomes such as customer centricity, higher revenue growth, reduced costs, and de-risking their operations.

Community Banking is focused on increasing access to financial services for individuals and businesses who strive to support local socio-economic growth of communities through the sharing of resources and support those who may have been historically excluded.

Capgemini’s offering for this market is underpinned by Temenos Accelerator. This combination offers a fully integrated banking software solution serving credit unions, community banks, building societies, nonbank financial institutions (NBFIs), and microfinance institutions. We understand the unique challenges faced by community banks in meeting their customers’ needs and reaching their growth goals.

Together, Capgemini and Temenos are offering our support to the industry to make financial products and services accessible and affordable to all individuals and businesses.

Capgeminis Core Modernization...

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