Capgemini’s Cognitive Document Processing for Lending

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Cognitive Document Processing is an end-to-end solution that automates the ingestion, organization and evaluation of documents rapidly, securely and cost effectively. It consists of best-of-breed technology based on machine learning and artificial intelligence bundled with highly optimized business processes to provide expected outcomes for our clients.

Lenders need to collect multiple customer documents ranging from credit reports, proof of identity, proof of address, etc. to current liabilities like tax bills and policy documents for risk assessment. These documents are often processed manually and can cost a lot of time. With customers demanding near real-time and more personalized experience, making real-time decisions with utmost accuracy is critical to lenders’ success.

Capgemini’s Cognitive Document Processing is a fully managed solution that ingests, classifies, and evaluates documents rapidly, securely, and at a reduced cost.  The solution is powered by industry-leading algorithms coupled with machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) for improved accuracy. Some of the use cases where Cognitive Document Processing can bring value to lenders are: originations, underwriting, onboarding, servicing and risk assessment.

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