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Capgemini Intelligent Assistant for Automotive

Activating your data is key to both your company and your suppliers getting the information they need to make smart business decisions in real time. This demo shows how the Capgemini Intelligent Assistant for Automotive app (CIA4AUTO) leverages the power of SAP data to provide real-time insights that can be applied to any industry. It scans transactions, postings, events, or lack thereof to detect anomalies and flag any potential issues in the supply chain. CIA4AUTO tracks sales orders, pricing, deliveries, receipts, IDOC/EDI inbound and outbound, and invoices to improve operations. The app learns based on how the user interacts with it, so it adapts to deliver the information that’s relevant to your business. iOS, Android, and web-based, CIA4AUTO works in any SAP environment – ECC or SAP S/4HANA – no matter the level of customization.

Capgemini Intelligent Assistant for Automotive

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