Capgemini 50/50: Transform E-Business Suite to Cloud in 50 days

Transform Oracle E-Business Suite to Oracle Cloud in 50 days with 50% reduction in deployment efforts

Capgemini 50/50 Intelligent Infra on Oracle Cloud

Capgemini’s 50/50 approach helps enterprises reduce their E-Business Suite deployment effort by at least 50% and realise a production ready environment in as little as 50 days

Reducing TCO and providing a supported platform for growth are common challenges for businesses adopting a cloud first strategy. For enterprises using E-Business Suite (EBS), evaluating a migration to SaaS will involve additional considerations including:
• Mature business processes tightly coupled with the EBS implementation
• Critical E-Business Suite customisations which are not delivered in standard SaaS
• Significant investment required to continue hosting and refreshing hardware to retain E-Business Suite

Capgemini’s solution these challenges by preserving critical business processes and allowing you to continue to leverage your investment in EBS simultaneously reducing TCO through migration to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI).

With E-Business Suite supported beyond 2030, Capgemini 50/50 Intelligent Infra with Oracle Cloud provides your business with:
• Reduced CapEx for your solution
• Reduced OpEx for your applications
• Zero mandatory business changes
• An innovation platform for strategic business goals
• Improved resilience, availability and performance
• Elimination of future platform refreshes

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Capgemini 50-50 brochure

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