AI In Healthcare

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A comprehensive approach to drive Business Value through AI, Intelligent Automation & Analytics.

Building a smart system that learns from experiences to generate powerful, actionable insights on both your provider populations and members is key to staying competitive.

Increasingly, Health plans are moving from investing in data and analytics platforms, that leverage existing internal structured data to measure what happened in the past, to building contemporary analytics platforms that use Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence to make decisions based on predictive indicators and expand the use of their data assets, including unstructured data sources like inbound correspondence, HCP notes, medical journals, etc.

With the crescendo of Machine Learning (ML), Artificial Intelligence (AI), cognitive computing, and technologies currently in development, the US Healthcare System is entering the next evolution event for the major market shareholders.  AI and other advanced technologies are poised to change the landscape of how Healthcare is delivered, administered, and regulated.

For health plans, these solutions allow organizations to focus their resources where business impact is driven.   A few examples include:

  • Reduced Cost of Care
    • Realtime Medical Management to better focus on member populations where your CM programs can be effective
  • Improved Retention and Reduce Marketing Spend
    • Medicare Age-In Prediction – Predict and target commercial members that will age-in to Medicare to focus resources on those most likely to retire and the best channels to reach those members
  • Improved Provider Networks
    • Provider Data Quality – Implementing smart system capable of identifying bad data, creating interim data usability, and an automated robotic process to finalize and confirm correct data management
    • Provider Network Analysis – Aligning physicians to the needs of the network, including geographic, socio-economic, cultural, expertise, and ability, to allow for a premiere quality of care at the best cost

Outcome-led and driven by priority business challenges, Capgemini’s unique, holistic AI service portfolio harnesses your enthusiasm to go further and achieve more.

If you’re already experimenting with AI or have several initiatives across your organization, our modular approach will enable you to move to more pragmatic delivery.  Capgemini’s Data Science team and engineers bring a multi-disciplinary approach to help our clients develop a System of Intelligence that takes you beyond MVP to deliver AI at scale with real world impact, building on, and enhancing what you’ve already started.

It’s not just about the bots, machine learning or the math

We believe in an ethical, people-first approach. Every engagement considers culture, process, data, and technology – proactively managing the effect of each new initiative on your AI-enhanced workforce. Building trust and transparency to ensure adoption and success.