How Johnny Verhoeven can make your life easier with Automation

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How many times have you felt frustrated and ended up wasting your valuable time spending hours on the phone with helpdesks to fix trivial problems? Are you lost in the quagmire of dozens of usernames and password for the apps you use? If this is making your life miserable, Johnny Verhoeven’s automation solution can make your life much easier! In his latest white papers, Johnny demonstrates how he developed the proof of concept to solve these issues. Let’s have an in-depth conversation with Johnny.

Hello Johnny! Great to have you with us! Before we get into detailed conversation about you new whitepapers, tell us about yourself.
Johnny: All my life, I have been a science and technology enthusiast. I graduated in Electronics with Robotics option in 1979 and obtained a bachelor’s degree in IT in 1981. I also studied music and have published some of my compositions. While I was an electronics student, I built my own PC. I still tinker with electronics and love writing software and music. I have been working in IT for over 40 years, mostly in industry and in all kinds of roles such as Programmer, Analyst, DBA, System Engineer and Team Lead. Over the last few years, I have been working as a Scrum master for FS.

Let’s talk about the 2 new technical whitepapers that you have recently authored.
Johnny: I have always been frustrated by how traditional helpdesks work. Especially on how the knowledge base is managed and used. I have spent hours on the phone with helpdesks to have trivial problems fixed. So, I came up with a system based on symptom identification in place of the traditional problem description (knowledge article) method. To demonstrate how it could work, I developed the proof of concept described in the whitepaper.

On the other hand, I’m sure most of us have dozens of usernames and password for various applications. These passwords get more complex every day. You know, 20 characters long, capital letter, special characters etc. I have an app to store all these stuff. But I must type in those complex passwords every time to log in. So, why not have the smartphone do the job for me! While ensuring less effort and mistakes in typing passwords, the app can generate those complex passwords at the same time, so that I don’t have to come up with a new one every day!

What was the thought process behind authoring these 2 whitepapers?
Johnny: Knowledge is useless unless you share it with others. There will be people smarter than me. They can improve and share their feedback – something that I strongly encourage. So, whenever I try/develop something I write a little article to share with my colleagues and invite their feedback. A useful side effect is that I get to try something new (I never wrote an app before)!

Any other whitepaper(s) that you have authored in the past?
Johnny: In 2016, I had authored a whitepaper on Genetic Regression to make previsions more accurate, thus allowing production sites to reduce waste due to over or under capacity. With genetics, the algorithm evolves parameters (genes) in generations so that the next version of the algorithm is more accurate than the previous one. In 2020, I applied that algorithm in machine learning to model the evolution of epidemics (COVID-19). Both articles are available on my linkedin page.

Who do you think will be the ideal reader for your 2 new whitepapers?
Johnny: I see the ideal reader as someone with an open mind and not afraid to try something out-of-the-box. Someone who is driven by improvement and innovation.

Which of your audience’s key challenges will the whitepapers address?
Johnny: They mostly address my frustrations, problems, and pains. I think I am no exception, so others must be experiencing the same. Here I address ‘ineffective helpdesks’ and ‘a multitude of ever more complex passwords’ (a technology that is passé in my opinion), which I’m sure everybody has had to deal with at some point.

How will your readers benefit from reading the whitepapers? What will they learn?
Johnny: What the reader learns depends on what he already knows and his willingness to open himself up for something new. I can only hope it triggers their creativity and helps improve my idea. The whitepapers may also help a new commercial product emerge. That would be the pinnacle. They may learn a new way of looking at constructing and using a helpdesk knowledge base. They may also learn alternative ways of working with passwords.

What specific solution would you like to promote through the whitepapers?
Johnny: Hmm…That’s a good question! I haven’t actually given it a thought. But if someone out there is willing to take the idea up and help it evolve into a salable product, I am willing to assist.

Any message that you would like to share with our readers?
Johnny: You will never improve if you stay on the beaten path.

That was indeed a great conversation! Thank you Johnny, and congratulations again for your great and innovative work!

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