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Join us at Temenos community forum 2024

May 14-16 | Dublin, Ireland

Leap into the future of intelligent banking.

Unlock the power of GenAI, across the enterprise.

How can banks drive higher efficiency and profits during economic headwinds?

To stay ahead in the current financial services landscape, organizations have to offer highly personalized experiences and seamless services. By adopting an open architecture plug-and-play strategy they can swiftly implement new cloud-native & SaaS platform solutions, reducing total cost of ownership and enhancing operational efficiency.

By focusing on innovation and customer-centric solutions, banks can efficiently navigate the evolving market, ensuring they meet client expectations and remain competitive in the new era of banking. They can be further empowered by implementation of the latest AI and generative AI solutions, merging digital and data capacities for a true strategic modernization.

Meet us at Temenos Community Forum (TCF) 2024 and take a leap forward in efficiency and customer experience.

When: 14 – 16 May, 2024
Where: Dublin, Ireland

Capgemini’s presence

Our vision for banking enables organizations to grow with the market, prioritizing innovation and building emotional connections with customers. Thanks to our highly personalized approach, enterprises can create the bank they want, tailored specifically to their needs.

At Capgemini, we give our partners the power to turn ideas into tangible results.

Join us at TCF 2024 and share how you want to stay ahead in today’s changing market. Let us get you there.

Meet us and start mapping your innovation journey right away.

Temenos Delivery partner of the year 2023

Recognition for our investment in technology and complex projects delivery with enhanced client impact.

Meet our experts

Sandeep Kurne

Expert in Digital Solutions, Financial Services

Nilesh Vaidya

Global Head of Banking and Capital Markets practice

Carlos Salta

EVP, Head of Banking and Capital Markets Practice

Nikhil Rajwade

Expert in Financial Services, Research

Matt Reece

Vice President – Core Banking UK/Europe

Sarang Bondre

Vice President, Core Banking