Diversity and Inclusion at work: Striding towards an even progress

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It is no longer debatable that diversity and inclusion have a positive impact. A diverse and inclusive workplace makes everyone within the organization feel equally important, involved, and supported. At Capgemini, diversity and inclusiveness are not just options – they are a business imperative to have sustainable growth in the new socio-economic order. We speak with Kris Poté, Vice President, Capgemini Belgium to learn more on why it is important to have a diverse and inclusive workplace and how an inclusive culture can benefit an organization.

Hello Kris! Great to have you with us for this interview!

Could you tell us why it is important to have a diverse and inclusive environment at the workplace
Kris: Diversity and inclusiveness bring new ideas into the organization and that can only lead to innovation for our clients. It is also important that our people feel at home at Capgemini, and that they have the feeling that they are always welcome. Happy people deliver better and faster!

Looking at diversity and inclusion more personally, what do they mean to you?
Kris: It all starts with your personal attitude, with how you behave and react. Everyone needs to contribute. It starts with you, and you decide if we have a culture of diversity and inclusion, not just another policy.

What is Capgemini Belgium’s approach to diversity and inclusion?
Kris: Capgemini Belgium’s approach to diversity and inclusion is the same as on Group level, there are no major differences. Every country has specific issues, like in Belgium we have a lesser number of girls pursuing a career in ICT. No matter what the country or region specific issues are, the answers are the same.

How do you think an inclusive culture can benefit Capgemini as an organization?
Kris: As I already said, an inclusive company makes people feel at home and gives them a sense of belonging. Happy employees perform better. Not only that, in the long run our diverse and inclusive culture will also be an example for other companies and for the society at large.

How do you think diversity and inclusion can positively impact the society?
Kris: Respect for diversity and an inclusive approach towards people gets things moving and is a guarantee that societies don’t polarize into camps that don’t can or want to understand each other. A civilization can only move forward when people collaborate and work together. If we want to create a better future, diversity and inclusion are the paths.

Going forward, what are the activities planned to promote diversity and inclusion within Capgemini Belgium?
Kris: We plan several actions based on the goodwill of our people and I am happy to share that there are many upcoming initiatives. In collaboration with the Belgian Country Board, we’ve developed a vision on our CSR plan and strategy for 2025. The vision provides a clear roadmap of our CSR plan based on professionalizing our local CSR organization. More details on that will follow later.

According to you, what one thing should an organization understand about diversity and inclusion?
Kris: Every organization should understand that diversity and inclusion start with constant attention and care, and are not managed by exceptions, but by a consequent policy of acceptance and dialogue.

A message that you would like to share with our readers
Kris: Diversity and inclusion depend on your decision whether or not to adopt it. If you are not keen on embracing diversity and inclusion, don’t even think of starting a career with Capgemini.

Thanks Kris! That was indeed an insightful conversation. Looking forward to connecting with you again to discuss more on this topic.