Connected Girls, Creating Brighter Futures: In conversation with Nathalie Sibille

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International Girls in ICT Day aims at encouraging girls to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM). Capgemini strongly promotes gender balance in ICT, and always champions women in technology. To inspire more girls to choose a career in ICT and make their dream a reality, we bring to you a series of interviews of some of the most successful and prominent women employees at Capgemini Belgium, who talk about why it is important for more girls to take up careers in ICT and how we can inspire them in doing so.

We have with us today Nathalie Sibille – HR Director, Capgemini Invent, Belgium.

Hello Nathalie! Tell us about yourself
Nathalie: Hi! I’m Nathalie Sibille, I’m HR Director for Capgemini Invent Belgium. I’m also a certified professional coach, and a wholemind leader, practitioner of leading with authenticity and bringing my human touch to our organisation. My motto is Knowing HR, Thinking Business, and Caring for people and my mission is to put the human (back) at the center of what we do.

Why did you choose to pursue a career in ICT?
Nathalie: I pushed the door of IT consultancy for the career opportunities it offered, with the objective of partnering with the business to develop our most precious asset – our human capital.

How has Capgemini helped shape your career in the tech industry?
Nathalie: I’ve spent 15 rich years in Capgemini across multiple roles in Sogeti Belux, Sogeti Corporate services headquartered in Paris, Group L&D in Paris / Les Fontaines, and now Invent Belgium. The organisation has always fully supported me in my development and different career steps, allowed me to certify myself as a coach, and to rotate to different roles and parts of the organisation.

Why do you think it is important to promote technology career opportunities for girls?
Nathalie: It is difficult to have a balanced gender representation in our business activity. Unfortunately we are still observing that it is more difficult to attract and keep women on board, so any promotional activity targeted at women and at making our organisation more balanced is extremely valuable.

How do you think girls can be encouraged to choose a career in ICT?
Nathalie: By further promoting our career opportunities and our corporate values, by showcasing and putting forward our female role models, our equality vision and diversity-friendly practices, by promoting further our many learning and development opportunities, and developing more mentoring programs

Do you have kids? If so, how do you inspire them to take up careers in science and technology/ ICT?
Nathalie: Yes, I have 2 kids aged 18 and 22, and one of them has chosen to pursue technology education. 

A message that you would like to share with girls who aspire to pursue a career in ICT?
Nathalie: Dare to go for what you want, and for a career in ICT, which will offer you plenty of opportunities and chances to make an impact and make a difference, bringing along your talent, your skills, your uniqueness, and your own touch to make the world of ICT a more diverse and balanced one.

Thanks so much Nathalie! It was indeed a great conversation! Your inspiring career in ICT will motivate many others, and we wish you continued success!