Cloud HRIS Engineer (Brussels, Belgium)

Cloud HRIS Engineer

Since employees are an organizations biggest strength, the Human Resource Information System or HRIS is, or should be, at the heart of every organization. The war on talent reinforces the need for an HRIS that works smoothly as it impacts salary payments, absences & holidays, career planning, internal recruiting and performance reviews. HRIS impacts people’s lives.

As a Cloud HRIS Engineer you also impact people’s lives. Big players such as Oracle and SAP invest in innovative HRIS products for you to implement, integrate and improve!

Oracle HCM Cloud and SAP SuccessFactors are cloud based HRIS solutions with all the benefits of cloud in terms of availability and scalability. These systems are not isolated islands, they need interfacing to the rest of the infrastructure landscape, using a variety of interface technologies, legacy and state of the art, to achieve a fully integrated solution. Nor will this system be empty, it needs to be filled with setup -, current – and, possibly, historical data through the different steps of an Extract, Transform and Load implementation. Maybe the designed system does not cover all needs of the customer and a custom software development add-on is needed to cover these requirements. This could be a solution used by all employees of an enterprise, making User Experience (UX) important for user adaption and satisfaction.

As a Cloud HRIS Engineer you will not only deepen your technical know-how but broaden your knowledge over a variety of domains:

  • As system admin, configure and manage the infrastructure offered by the Cloud provider.
  • As front-end developer, design user friendly add-ons that integrate seamlessly with the core product.
  • As technical expert, develop functionality not losing sight of performance requirements, build and use Extract, Transform and Load tools to migrate data and build and configure interfaces to achieve an integrated solution.
  • As a consultant, work together with the customer to gather requirements to design, implement and make the solution work and look together for the roadmap to the future.

You will not do this alone, you will be part of Capgemini, part of a team.

As a Capgemini consultant, you will be working in an international and culturally diverse environment, where your skills will be nurtured, where you will grow and where you can follow the path you choose. English is our company language, and a hard requirement, besides Dutch or French.

Grow to become a team lead, a stream lead, a project lead. Grow to become a recognized technology expert through our global certification scheme.

Are you excited to join our team?

Excellent, we want to meet you too! Apply now and let’s sit together to see how we can make a match between your aspirations and our opportunities.



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April 22, 2021

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