Digital Project Management Consultant

Capgemini is full of talented people who can deliver projects as a team. Analysts, developers, architects, testers,… However, similar to team sports, we need to have a coach in place who can make sure the correct people are in the team, the strategy to win games is up to par, and stakeholders such as fans, team owners and the press have the correct amount of information. Care to join our supersquad as a coach? Then do read on.

Project managers at Capgemini are often referred to as ‘Engagement managers’, as we do see them as being essential to maintain a longstanding relationship with the customers. We don’t just get in, deliver and get out, but rather to be a partner.

To ensure we live up to our ambitions, we have a support system in place to ensure Engagement Managers are able to follow different trainings to grow their soft- and hard skills. These can be either internal or external. We bring you up to speed with approaches such as agile, to ensure we evolve together with the world of IT and our customers. In addition to the different learning paths, we also have different communities where knowledge sharing is heavily endorsed, and events where you can grow your network.

Project or Engagement managers at Capgemini are exactly as described in the introduction: versatile coaches who can help a team reach their goals and make sure the customer’s expectations are both managed and met. In addition, you also have the responsibility to keep the internal organization up to speed with the project’s evolution.

Feel as enthusiastic as us about the job? Well you might be a fit if you:

  • Have excellent communicative skills in English and Dutch or French
  • Are in the possession of an analytical mind which enables you to consolidate all the detailed information in and around a project, and deliver reporting to the different stakeholders at the correct level
  • Are a team player, because let’s face it, a PM can’t deliver a project on his/her own
  • Can keep track of risks, decisions and ensure these are tackled in an effective way together with the customer
  • Feel enthusiastic about coaching the great teams we have at Capgemini, making sure the total exceeds the sum of individual parts
  • Have a talent for managing expectations towards the customer, which showcases your stakeholder management as well
  • Are able to work independently, but appreciate the support system you have and know when to use it
  • Can be flexible when push comes to shove
  • Already have experience in project management, and can show that with practical examples and/or certifications for PM methodologies

If you match this profile and don’t have tingling fingers yet to reply to this job offer, please do take just a few minutes to contact us so we can get you in touch with people who not only talk the talk, but also walk the wal



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July 31, 2020

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