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Why car companies should be malleable like water to innovate and succeed

Daniel Davenport
30 May 2022

Change is perhaps the only certainty in the current business climate. In the automotive space, adaptability is crucial for navigating the landscape fluently and ensuring a continuous flow of operations in the face of tremendous evolution.

Capgemini’s TechnoVision 2022: Automotive report examines emerging trends in technology and business across the sector and explores fresh strategies decision makers can employ for success. Its theme, “being like water,” captures the need to formulate plans smoothly, sustainably, and with the inherent malleability to contend with disruption. The report breaks down several key trends in customer experience, engineering, mobility services, security, and much more.

Let us delve into a few, starting with the rise of 5G. Connectivity is breaking new ground as rapid real-time communication between the vehicle and surrounding road and traffic elements foster conditions for safe autonomy. This alone will dramatically transform the industry as people trust their cars to do the driving while they do something – or be – somewhere else. Consider how truck platooning, where one driver can steer a group of trucks from the leading vehicle, can extend to all vehicles on the highway communicating with each other.

Sustainable manufacturing is also gathering a great deal of attention. The pressure is on to develop vehicles sustainably, as 24 percent of consumers now research a car’s environmental factors before purchase. This demand extends to the entire fleet, as electric cars must also be manufactured with minimal environmental impact. A car’s sustainability grade hinges on multiple measures beyond just tailpipe emission and includes choice and procurement of materials, supply chain effect, and many others.

While personalization is not a new trend, customer orientation is rapidly becoming critical instead of beneficial. Consumers are increasingly expecting their vehicles to know them like their smartphones. When the driver enters a car, it should know their seat and mirror positioning preferences, planned routes, and favorite radio stations. Even if it is a rental. Personalized digital keys will unlock these features and achieve higher security. As voice assistants, gesture recognition, and other systems like noise cancelation gain further traction, the driver’s seat will become more comfortable and productive than ever before.

The scale of challenge and opportunity presented to car manufacturers today is immense. To thrive, they must be bold and attentive – but most of all malleable. Seeing the future is impossible, but we can take a glimpse by thoroughly analyzing the major trends of this dynamic sector.

The TechnoVision 2022: Automotive report presents pertinent examples and ideas to help car companies adapt to get the future they want. It counts on Capgemini’s deep understanding of the industry and long history of supporting its major players worldwide.

We invite you to download the report to learn more. I would also be happy to hear from you and discuss how together, we can make a better and sustainable future in automotive a certainty.